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Online Food Delivery System | Food Ordering System

by Getwidget in on June 30, 2021

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An Online Food Delivery System | Multi Restaurant Delivery App

This online food delivery system package has the following apps

  • User App
  • Delivery Guy App
  • Vendor App
  • Admin Dashboard/CMS (Super Admin & Store Owner)

Note: These online ordering platforms and/or Mobile apps are compatible with both iOS and Androids.

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Last Update: 21-06-2021
  • For recent updates please check out our changelog
  • Files Include All Apps source codes and documentation.
  • Mobile apps compatible with Flutter latest version 2.X
  • Webapp compatible with Angular 10
  • Admin dashboard/CMS compatible with Node 14.X

What you will get here with Online Ordering Software?

  • Complete source code of the online food ordering and delivery apps for both iOS & Android.
  • Complete source code for Vendor Mobile app
  • Complete source code food delivery guys mobile app
  • Complete source code of the admin dashboard/CMS.
  • App configuration and setup and installation guide docs.
  • Step-by-Step documentation for Prerequisites, Installation, User Manual, Technologies, Versions, ChangeLogs.
  • Onetime payment and you will get the source code access for a lifetime
  • 3 Month support and updates are free.

Top Reason to purchase this Food Delivery System

General/Business Reason: 

The online restaurant industry and/or business is one of the growing businesses around the globe. And due to COVID-19, the hospitality and restaurant business has to come online to keep running their business. So the restaurant industry keeps running its restaurant businesses through its online presence.

According to the online food industries survey, from Feb to April 2020 there was a huge increase in the online house ordering systems. As per the report, there was approx a 170% increase in an in-house online ordering and delivery system.

For Key Features and technologies perspective

  • Pixel perfect & elegant design with great UI/UX and reusable widgets.
  • Mobile app run and/or compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Run and/or be compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • A single codebase, great UI, fast loading & great performance, and easy to maintain.
  • All rich functionalities (Like OTP authentication, Wallet, Multiple Payment Mode, POS System, Dark and Light Theme, Subscription, and others) with regular updates.
  • Cloudbase database, CDN image rending to optimize app speed and size.
  • Enterprise-level code structure, easy to understand, easy to reuse to code and do the modification.
  • Save upto 4-6 Months of custom development time.
  • Save upto 60-70% cost development compare to custom and native app development.
  • A quick way to build a restaurant online.
  • Credit card payment options


Try with reals demos:

Food Ordering User Mobile App Demos

App Store Demo Link Google Playstore Demo Link
app store logo Google playstore logo

Vendor App Demos

App Store Demo Link Google Playstore Demo Link
app store logo Google playstore logo

Food Delivery Guy App Demos

App Store Demo Link Google Playstore Demo Link
app store logo Google playstore logo

Food Delivery Dashboard/CMS Demo

Food Delivery Dashboard | CMS

In case you will face any issues or difficulties then get in touch with us:

Key Features List of Food Ordering Software:

Food Ordering Mobile App | Food ordering software Features:

  • Geo-location support.
  • Login/Signup with OTP and Social both
  • Auto Ask Location Locator.
  • On the Homepage, customers get Nearest all restaurants within 5 Mile
  • You can follow the design showing Nearest, Top rated, Branded, etc Restaurant category at home, We can change this page as your requirement as well
  • Search based on Restaurant, Food, or categories.
  • Interactive menu showcase
  • Online sale flash for customers.
  • Select food based on sub-categories under a particular restaurant menu.
  • Selection based on multiple variants of the food items (Like Small, Medium, and others).
  • Users can add extra ingredients to make perfect food items for themselves.
  • Customers can pick any restaurant and add their food to the cart
  • We have all the options to customize the Menu the way the Restaurant wanted
  • Coupon option on the Cart page and all coupons created by Admin.
  • Tips option for delivery
  • By default, we have integrated Stripe payment gateway (We can integrate any local gateway if wants)
  • Multiple Payment Methods: COD, online payment, and wallet payment features are available.
  • Save card information for faster payment.
  • Real-Time Order tracking
  • Wallet features (Add and keep money in the wallet to faster online payment.)
  • Loyalty points on each purchase
  • Show recent search by you.
  • Show all available offers while checkout or placing the orders.
  • Loyalty Programs: Refer to friends and earn loyalty points
  • Rating for restaurant and Delivery Boy
  • Live chat.
  • App users can gain their loyalty program.
  • No-Contact Guest Experience: Customer can carry out their order without contact with the restaurant persons.
  • User reviews: You can give their reviews and feedback to the corresponding restaurant from that they made an order.
  • App chat feature: Users can initiate a chat through their mobile app itself.

Note: This restaurant ordering app is compatible with both iOS and Android. So if you are looking for an app for restaurants then this will greatly fit you.

Online Food Delivery Vendor App Features:

This vendor app gives a platform for restaurants owner to manage their orders and keep eye on each order through their mobile devices.

  • Getting Orders
  • Restaurants can log in to the app and accept the order through the app.
  • All menus can be managed through web CMS. But order managers are available with apps and CMS.
  • A basic sales report and status update are received for each order.
  • Bell notification for each new order.

Food Delivery Guys or Staff Mobile App Features:

  • Accept orders from the vendor.
  • Once the order is placed, the restaurant accepts the order and we assign the order to the nearest delivery boy.
  • We can set limitations like 5 miles or 4 mile delivery from CMS.
  • Access To customer data details to get the order deliver.
  • Delivery boys can accept or Reject orders.
  • After accepting the order, we show all Restaurant details and menu so they visit the restaurant and pick the Orders.
  • Delivery boys can change delivery status and customers can monitor on the app.

Food Delivery System Dashboard/CMS Features:

  • Great User interface.
  • Manage all the Restaurants.
  • Admin can onboard restaurants and Enable / Disable
  • Can set up their commission % with each sale
  • Manage all Order and Delivery boys from CMS
  • Easy access to customer purchase details.
  • Access sales report for each restaurant’s sales and overall sales
  • Restaurants can add many locations they want
  • Each location is managed by one manager assigned for that restaurant
  • Complete Menu management and Order management modules will be given
  • Setup their opening and closing time of the shop
  • Many other app label settings like TAX, Language, Coupon, Loyalty, etc.
  • You can Manage Delivery Services
  • Manage loyal customers.
  • Manage your potential customers
  • Manage multiple payment options.
  • Track your monthly sales.
  • Restaurant Store owners can manage their online menu with their respective dashboards.
  • Built-in shipping and payment capabilities
  • Super Admin can easily manage all transaction fee through dashboard/CMS.

NOTE: Kindly upload all images from CMS of the preferred resolution mentioned there.

This All-In-One Online Ordering System is 100% tested with agile methodologies and ready for production and/or go live. Just you have set up things on your cloud server and deploy on your domain, app store, and Google Playstore. If you are not familiar with the setup, Installation, and Deployment of cloud servers then you can check out our professional services
In case if you have any queries then feel free to write to us at [email protected] or reach out through live chat or contact us form. Or you can reach out to our social media platforms:

Technologies Stack

These online ordering tools and/or mobile applications are built with the following technologies.

  • Mobile apps we used Flutter
  • Webapp/Website we used Angular 10 and Bootstrap
  • Backend we used Nodejs
  • The database we used MongoDB


Q. 1. What is an Online food ordering system?

Ans: The online ordering system is a process to get an order through digital devices or the internet like mobile apps or websites. It is a set of apps that allows your business to run through online channels and it provides flexibility for your customers to do shopping at their place. In general food ordering system has the following apps:

  • Customer apps (web and mobile app): From where customers can place an order.
  • Vendor apps (web and mobile app): From where restaurant owners or vendors can manage the order process.
  • Delivery Guy App: This app is for delivery guys to get order updates and details to customers where the order has to be delivered.

Admin Dashboard: For business owners, manage the whole business through that and track their business details like earning, total order, offers, vendors, delivery guys commission, and others.

Q. 2. How does the food ordering system work?

Ans: It works as B2C means business to customers. Here users can place an order through online media like Websites and/or Mobile apps and once they placed an order a store owner and business owner will get notification respectively. Once the restaurant owner confirms the order then they start the process of delivery. Once the Store owner marks that Food/items are ready then the food delivery guys reach the restaurant place and take the order and deliver to end users/customers. Once received Delivery guys mark orders delivered and the customer also marks that order received and they are able to provide feedback on delivery, foods, and restaurant. In case they(consumers) will find any issue with their order then there should be a contact us method where they can write about their problem and get it resolved.

Q. 3. How do online ordering or delivery systems work?

Ans: The online ordering systems working in the process of order flow from

  1. Getting an order from the user through mobile or web app
  2. Order acceptance
  3. Order processing
  4. Order packaging
  5. Order picking
  6. Food order delivering
  7. Customers Feedbacks.

Q. 4. Do these online restaurant delivery platforms require coding skills?

Ans: No, But if you want to do further customization done by yourself then you do require the coding skills as per technologies that we have used.

Q. 5. Do we have a setup fee?

Ans: Yes we have a One-Time setup fee for the complete setup and deployment on your respective 3r party platforms and/or services.

Q. 6. Is there any payments service integrated?

Ans: Yes, We have integrated stripe as a payment service by default. But if you want any other payment options then we can do that. (Note: But any 3rd party payment services integration will have an additional cost).

Q. 7. Did we use Third-Party Apps?

Ans: Yes, We used third-party apps API’s. E.g: Google Maps, Social Media, Sengrids, and others.

Q. 8. Is there is any monthly cost for this Food Ordering Portal?

Ans: No, There is no monthly fee for our food ordering portal, But in case you want professional support and maintenance then there will be an additional service fee based on your requirements.


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    Flutter 2.X

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