eCommerce UI Kit Design Template

If you are doing an online eCommerce business then this app is for you. You buy an eCommerce app template with source code.




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June 01 2022

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Source code of Flutter UI Kits



iOS and Android, Flutter 2.X

eCommerce App UI Kit Details

  • For recent updates please do check our changelog
  • Flies Includes UI source code
  • Mobile app compatible with iOS and Android and built with Flutter 2.X

This eCommerce software UI template has the following features:

With our Mobile App Templates you will the following essential features:

  • Unlimited Downloads: There is no limitation on the number of download of source code file with the same credentials.
  • Assets Unlimited: You will get the assets file with this that you can use in your Mobile App Templates.
  • Nice Signup and Sign In Screen: You will delightful UI screen of the signup and sign-in screen.
  • Templates Ready: This is ready to use eCommerce template that can be used for fashion, clothing eCommerce apps.
  • User experience: This UI design does not let you compromise with your real user experience.
  • Design Elements: You will all design elements that can be reused in other projects too.
  • Launch Templates: This is ready to launch the UI template. So you just have to buy this UI template and use it in your eCommerce projects.
  • User Interface: Easy and Native base User interface.
  • Beautiful Collection: It has beautiful design collections.
  • Navigation Bars: Easy navigation bars that enhance your user experience.
  • Application Design: We used Google Material Design also to provide a smooth design and not let you compromise with your eCommerce applications.
  • Creative Design Kit: You will enterprise-level design kit with this template.
  • File format: Easy file format and structure to help you understand our coding structures.
  • Mobile App Design: This Fashion/Clothing eCommerce UI Mobile app kit has been designed by our expert designer and developed by our topmost Flutter developer.
  • Modern Design Trends: We have followed the modern-day design trends so that you can easily stand with market standards.
  • Well-structured Design Guideline System: We have well-structured guideline docs that help you to understand our design system.
  • Product Cart: Easy and Nice product cart screens.
  • Product Categories Widget: We have a re-usable product categories widget source code that you can customize based on your requirement too.
  • Product Feed: Condition-based or filter-based product feed UI components will be there.
  • Quantities Of Products: We assured the enterprise level of our product quality.
  • Mobile App Screens: You will get all mobile screen’s source codes, so you can customize as you would like to.
  • Screen Components: We kept all screen component widgets in a well-structured manner so that you can easily reuse that widget or customize that widget source code.
  • Shopping Screens: We have a nice and elite shopping screen for this eCommerce mobile app template.
  • Complete Source Files: You will complete downloadable files of this UI package file. Our source code file will come with layered and well- organized files.
  • Condition Base Flitter Screen: In this UI kit you will UI widget that had the design for multiple condition base filter screens. Like a Brand base filter, Gender base filter, Price base, Color base, and Size base filter.
  • Social Signup/Sign-in component: This UI has a widget component for nice social signup/sign that will help you to build easy signup and login features.
  • OTP Verification: We have designed an OTP verification mobile screen for this shopping UI kit that will allow you to develop an OTP authentication feature in your app.
  • Multiple Address Adding screen: We added a nice Google Map integration screen app that will help you to develop to fetch customer current address even we have a screen for manual address enter.
  • Multiple Payment Mobile App Screen: We design that helps you build multiple payment methods in your mobile application.

Note: This Effortless design Smart templates UI will be compatible with iOS and Android.

Why Use Our Flutter eCommerce App UI Template

  • Go live with your app faster and save almost 4 months in development.
  • We have followed all e-commerce design aspects.
  • Enterprise-level codebase – Our code was written by a Flutter developer who delivers enterprise-level apps like Airteltigo and Developed One of the Larget Flutter open-source UI libraries known as GetWidget.
  • Save Time & energy for App Designing, Wireframing, Prototyping, Product Management, Development, Agile Testing, and Building UI Widgets, and others.
  • Save almost 3-4 Months of development time and around $2000-3000 cost.

What you will get with the awesome design kit app template?

  • Complete source code of creative UI design kit.
  • Complete documentation of this UI.
  • Onetime payment and lifetime access of code.
  • Industry class design library
  • High-quality graphic designs
  • Mobile screens
  • 3-month free support and updates.

Note: Free support will cover only if there is any bugs or error come to our existing UI features. It doesn’t cover setup and installation.

Technologies Details:

  • An Enterprise Professional level UI & UX
  • Built with Flutter 2.X SDK
  • Multiple reusable custom-built components
  • Flutter: We built the eCommerce UI Template with a Flutter Software development kit (SDK) that was developed by Google and written on Dart programming language. It is an open-source SDK by Google.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK for cross-platform mobile app development. It was developed and maintained by Google. It works on Dart programming languages.

Important Benefits of Flutter?

  • Native Like UI: You can build a mobile app like Native apps. Their internal mechanism automatically compiles and adjusts with cross platforms iOS and Andriod.

  • A Single Codebase: It has a single codebase. This means, Now you don’t have to write and maintain two different codes for iOS and Android mobile apps. You just write one code with Flutter and it will work on both iOS and Android.

  • Hot Reload: It has hot reload features that help you to debugs faster your code and built an awesome mobile app UI. Now just write your widget code and save it and it will reflect on your mobile app.

  • Low Development Time: With Flutter you will save around 30-40% time for development. Because you don’t have to write different source code for iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Low Cost: Now you can save half of the cost on overall development. Because you don’t require a separate team for development, testing, management, and maintenance.