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Our multi restaurant online food delivery app software is a complete solution suitable for ordering & delivering food from multiple restaurants.




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June 01 2022

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Customer, Delivery, Vendor app , Admin



Flutter 3.0.2

Online Food Ordering System | Multi Restaurant Ordering system

Are you looking to launch your online food delivery business or a multi-restaurant food delivery app aggregator? Then this readymade online food Delivery app - All in one solution will help you to build your food order business with cutting edge technology then this food online ordering systems best fit your requirements.

We offer a food ordering system app as a readymade restaurant app or build a custom restaurant app solution for you based on your requirements. This restaurant online ordering system comes with a complete package that includes a CUSTOMER APP, DELIVERY APP, VENDOR APP, E-COMMERCE WEB APP, ADMIN CMS DASHBOARD. The mobile application offers amazing features to build a powerful restaurant ordering software to start your own food ordering system for restaurants.

It enhances the online food delivery user experience for your customers with this multi restaurant delivery software package. This Flutter food delivery software is a fully functional multi-store mobile app marketplace that has all features required for a mobile app for restaurant ordering that makes easy food order for your customers. So what are you waiting for? Start your online food ordering business with this Mobile app presence today!

Food Delivery Customer Mobile App | Food Delivery software Features

  • Pixel perfect & elegant design with great UI/UX and reusable widgets.
  • Mobile app run and/or compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Geo-location support.
  • auto-detect customer location or select manually from Google Maps.
  • Passwordless Login with OTP.
  • On the Homepage, customers get Nearest all restaurants within Set Miles from Admin
  • Homepage design we also showing Nearest, Top rated, Branded, etc Restaurant category at home.
  • Search based on Restaurant, Food, or categories.
  • Interactive menu showcase
  • Online coupons and offers for customers.
  • Select food based on categories under a particular restaurant menu.
  • Selection is based on multiple variants of the food items (Like Small, Medium, and others).
  • Users can add extra ingredients to make perfect food items for themselves.
  • You get complete flexibility to customize the menu the way you required.
  • Customers can pick any restaurant and add their food to the cart.
  • Coupon option on the Cart page and all coupons created by Admin.
  • Tips option for delivery
  • For credit card payments, we have integrated Stripe payment gateways (We can integrate any local gateway if wants)
  • Multiple Payment Methods: COD, online payment, and wallet payment features are available.
  • Real-Time Order tracking
  • Wallet features (Add and keep money in the wallet to faster online payment.)
  • Loyalty points on each purchase or first-time signup.
  • Show recent search history by you.
  • Show all available coupon offers while checkout or placing the orders.
  • Loyalty Programs: Refer to friends and earn loyalty points
  • Rating for restaurant and Delivery Boy
  • Live chat with restaurant customer support team.
  • User reviews: You can give their reviews and feedback to the corresponding restaurant from that they made an order.
  • Reordering features.
  • Multi-language support includes RTL.
  • Multiple currency support in the app.
  • You can connect with any marketing tools through API development.
  • Enterprise-level code structure, easy to understand, easy to reuse to code and do the modification.

Online Food Delivery Vendor App Features

This vendor app gives a food orders app platform for restaurant business owner to manage their customer orders and keep eye on each order and their ordering statistics through their mobile devices.

  • Restaurants can log in to the app and accept the order through the app.
  • Getting Real-time customer orders.
  • Accept customer orders and change their status like Prepare or packed etc.
  • All menus can be managed through the web admin interface. But orders management is available with apps and CMS.
  • A basic statistics report and status update are received for each order.
  • Bell notification for each new order received.

Food Delivery Mobile App for Delivery Boys

  • Accept orders from the restaurant once the order is ready.
  • Once the order is placed, the restaurant accepts the order and we assign the order to the nearest delivery boy.
  • We can set limitations like 5 miles or 4 mile delivery from the admin management interface.
  • Access To customer current location data and order details to get the order delivery.
  • Delivery boys can accept or Reject orders.
  • After accepting the order, we show all Restaurant details and menu so they visit the restaurant and pick up the Orders.
  • Delivery boys can change delivery status and customers can monitor on the app. 
  • We adding a soon report for the delivery boy in the app itself. 

Food Delivery System Admin management interface Features

  • A great User interface for ordering portals.
  • Super Admin can add as many restaurants as you get on this platform.
  • Each restaurant can log in and add its own locations in case the restaurant has multiple locations.
  • This food delivery software support multiple locations for each restaurant, Their admin can create a manager for each location then the manager can manage everything for their own location.
  • Admin can onboard restaurants and Enable / Disable.
  • Can set up their commission costs % with each sale.
  • Manage all Order and Delivery boys from CMS.
  • Easy access to customer purchase history details.
  • Access sales report for each restaurant’s recent sales and overall sales.
  • Restaurants can add many locations they want.
  • Complete Menu management and Order management modules will be given.
  • Setup their opening and closing time of the shop.
  • Many other app label settings like TAX, Language, Coupon, Loyalty, etc.
  • Manage app language and currency from settings.
  • You can Manage Delivery Services
  • Manage loyalty point configuration.
  • Manage multiple payment options.
  • Track your monthly sales and Process restaurant settlements of their payment.
  • Built-in shipping and payment capabilities
  • Download sales reports for each restaurant and approve their sales earning settlements.
  • Review management for platforms.
  • Super Admin can easily manage all transaction fees through dashboard/CMS

The thing you do require to get live this Multi restaurant food delivery app

  • You need to get Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account). Google will charge you a 25 USD fee and an ios developer account fee of 99 USD yearly.
  • Cloud Server with Min 4-8 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • MongoDB, Firebase, One signal,, Google Map key, Twillo, or Sendblue Accounts.

In case you do not come from a development background and required a full setup on a cloud server and store deployment with basic customization like Logo, Color done by our team then please check out our Grocery Installation - ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL services. 

Readymade online ordering apps for restaurants

online food ordering software is one of the best solutions available on the internet to start food delivery apps for restaurants. In this restaurant delivery system, we kept two variants for the restaurant app like a readymade restaurant single store, Multi restaurant online food ordering system. This Readymade restaurant online ordering app will be well suitable for your restaurant marketplace business.

It contains the following:

  • Restaurant Customer Mobile App
  • Restaurant Delivery Boys Mobile App
  • Restaurant Vendor Mobile app 
  • Restaurant food ordering Website (coming soon)
  • Admin/restaurant Panel Interface Dashboard/CMS

Why Us For Restaurant delivery app development Company

Zero cost and 3 months free tech support for any code label bugs for our online food ordering solutions, the stripe payment gateway to get payment from your users to grow business online. Easy Order management interface and Menu customization and coupons Marketing Support and set own transaction fees commission on sales and instant support by our expert team. Integrate with any Point of sale system if they provide you API. You can implement any other system integrations in our product with the Rest API.

Setup and install your restaurant ordering app and Get an Online restaurant busniess With our food ordering systems and grow business online, As entrepreneurs No coding knowledge are required to start your food online ordering business. 

We are in the food industry business for the last 10 years deliver more than 150 custom solutions and continue to support our customers running their business. We have many different custom food ordering app for restaurants that we can discuss if you can share more details with our support team.

Note: These features are fully customizable, so in case, you require any customization then you will do it yourself or we'll help you out with this. But any further or additional customization in the Readymade restaurant ordering software will have an extra cost and it depends on the work involved.

Tech Stack Used to build this online food delivery software

  • For Mobile app: Flutter 2. X
  • Webapp: Angular 12+
  • Backend: Nodejs 14+
  • Database: MongoDB

Why We use Flutter for Restaurant app ordering system development

We used the Flutter framework to develop the restaurant food ordering system. We choose Flutter because it is completely open-source. It has easy UI design, Cross-platform, and Fast development. Flutter allows us to build a nice and clean UI and make our overall app development very fast. It has a single codebase, hot reloaded features that help our development team to build fast and pixel-perfect UI design. We have built our own open-source library Getwidget UI to make app development a lot faster. If you would like to know more about flutter or looking for a flutter mobile application development company.

What you will get here with the Online Food Delivery Management System

  • Complete source code of the online food ordering and delivery apps for both iOS & Android.
  • Complete source code for Vendor Mobile app
  • Complete source code food delivery guys mobile app
  • Complete source code of the admin dashboard/CMS.
  • App configuration and setup and installation guide docs.
  • Step-by-Step documentation for Prerequisites, Installation, User Manual, Technologies, Versions.
  • Onetime payment and you will get the source code access for a lifetime
  • 3 Month support and updates are free.

Some Most important features must-have to start an online food ordering and delivery system

Customer feedback system

  • Review Custom review for product and delivery boy.
  • Automatically collect reviews from the app after order delivery.
  • Keep improving the quality of your food and delivery service.
  • Discuss with restaurants that feedback bad may ban from the platform.
  • You can manage all reviews in our Admin interface design.

Easy Promotion engine

Get more customers thanks to referring and earning for a new install or new orders, User can share the app with his family & friends and both earn some reward points that can use in future orders by them. 

Marketing campaign

Increase sales in the short term by sending push campaigns, You can segment customer data on many factors and send targeted messages to increase CTR. it helps with customer retention.

Discounts and Promotion

Increase your sales, volume with discount coupons for your customers and manage them easily. You can discuss with the restaurant to provide more promotional offers and coupons.

Own your online ordering and delivery system

Take control of your customer engagement relationships and data on your server and keep their privacy intact.

Third-Party Integrations support

POS & delivery systems

  • If you already using any POS system then we can integrate with this system it may need some customized development work based on POS provider API.
  • If you do not want to use your own delivery boy and wanted to use any other 3rd party delivery system then we can integrate with this product. 

Online payments

  • We have stripe payment gateways already with this where you receive all the amount and then weekly you can send the amount to the restaurant directly through your local bank.
  • If you are required to build any custom local payment gateways you can contact us and we will integrate them into our system.

Simplify operations & Support 

Manage everything with our food ordering software for restaurants and get dedicated support from our expert team.


You can discuss with the restaurant and set different % commissions for each restaurant and keep tracking their sales and earnings in the admin portal.

How to Choose an Online Food Ordering App For Your Business

  When choosing an online food ordering app for restaurants, there are a few important major factors to consider before making your decision keep in mind when doing your research and evaluation of each product you found.

Ability to customize the system and what extent 

  • The best online ordering system allows you to use your own restaurant’s white-label product with source code so you can continue development with any team.
  • This includes your business logo, colors, design, and visual elements.
  • If a required new feature or logical changes in the existing system to any extent is product support or not, In our product no limitation as this built from scratch so you can do whatever you think.

Ease of integration 

Check if the system builds on Rest API or not as it gives you more flexibility to connect with any 3rd party system integration Our system is built with NodeJS so you will get Rest API docs easy to integrate any POS software or any marketing tools software.

Costs and Support

  • Most products you found online have a different licensing policy and based on that their pricing might differ as well. 
  • In general, they charge for the software and you need to provide all hardware and accounts to set up the product.
  • Some in the food ordering market may charge you based on sales commission like % of total sales. 
  • In our product, there no hidden sales-based commission as you are the owner of the product so do whatever you like. We provide free support for 3 months and then we can discuss if you need SLA-based support. 
  • We spent around 5-6 months building this product so you can save this time and cost using our readymade restaurant ordering system software for your restaurant businesses. It saves lots of delivery portal costs for you if you build a system from scratch as custom.

What Techstack is used to build the app and their backend

  • First, compare the technology used to build the app and most important their backend and database system and how flexible that tech stack is. 
  • In general lots of vendors sell apps at cheap prices but their technology is too old and legacy so that not going to handle future orders or that may not be secure too. 
  • The performance also matters once you get more and more restaurants on the platform and customers to start real-time ordering.
  • In our product, we use the latest technology that is used for enterprise products. We use Flutter for app development, NestJS as backend API, MongoDB as database, and Angular for admin interface design.

This All-In-One Online Ordering System is 100% tested with agile methodologies and ready for production and/or go live. Just you have set up things on your cloud server and deploy on your domain, app store, and Google Playstore. If you are not familiar with the setup, Installation, and Deployment of cloud servers then you can check out our professional services In case you have any queries then feel free to write to us at [email protected] or reach out through live chat or contact us .