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Our Flutter UI Kit is well designed and developed for multi-purpose flutter mobile applications. Buy Flutter UI design templates for multiple business apps and eCommerce UI KIT.




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December 16 2021

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iOS and Android, Flutter 2.X

Our Flutter UI Kit is well designed and developed for multi-purpose flutter mobile applications. It has been developed and maintain through Flutter Framework. Our Flutter UI design templates have multiple screens for multiple business app themes like Grocery, Food Delivery, On-Demand service booking app, eCommerce UI KIT.


Our UI kit has the following mobile apps design templates:

  1. Doctor Booking App UI Kit

  2. Online Learning App UI Kit

  3. Food Recipe App UI Kit Template

  4. Backpacked UI Kit – Flight and hotel booking app UI template.

You will get all the above UI Kit Themes with this advanced multi Flutter App UI Kit Templates.


GetWidget Flutter UI Kit comes with 100+ ready-to-use Flutter Widgets, 60+ screens that have been covering multiple different cases, and 8 sample application screens and/or pages. Our app was developed with Flutter Framework. It is a cross-platform development kit so that our App Template will work on both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

Our Flutter UI Kit will make easy development for developers. Our enterprise coding standard helps you to understand the App Structure easily through the coding structure and our well-written documentation.

So, now let’s don’t compromise with your app design to provide a great user experience. Our Flutter App UI Kit is ready to use with any flutter apps or project. We have written Clean, Well-Organized Flutter code that helps you to understand easily, and you can take any part of the code and will add it to the other Flutter app template.

Some of the Important List of Flutter Widgets for this Project:

Widgets for Flutter App UI Kit

  • Animated Button
  • App bars
  • Bottom sheets
  • Cards
  • Carousel
  • Charts
  • Chips
  • Cupertino widgets
  • Dialogs
  • Dropdown
  • Dismissible list
  • Expansions
  • Forms
  • Google map
  • Grid
  • Hero transitions
  • Icon button
  • Inputs
  • List
  • Navigation
  • Progress
  • Popups
  • Searchbar
  • Sliders
  • Snackbar
  • Stepper
  • Bottom Navigation (Custom)
  • Onboarding wizards (Custom)
  • Text liquid fill (Custom)

Multiple Mobile Application UI Screen Overviews

  • Walkthrough screens
  • Signup screen
  • Login screen
  • Add location screen
  • Phone Number Verification screen
  • Navigation Drawers

Some Common Feature Lists of Flutter UI Kit Templates:

  • Multiple signups and sign in options
  • Social Media Signup
  • Gmail signup
  • Custom email signup
  • Mobile Number Signup
  • OTP Verification
  • Easy signup form
  • Remember and forgot password features

Overview of Backpacked App UI Template | Flight & Hotel Booking App UI Template

  • Easy signup and sign in
  • Introduction slider screen
  • Privacy and terms page on signup and sign in screen
  • Easy signup with social media accounts like Facebook and Gmail along with another custom email.
  • OTP verification.
  • Clean Home screen with top slider and top deal and other conditions.
  • Clear visibility of Regular price and offer price on every service and/or product.
  • Multi Filter option for flight – like One Way, Round Trip, and Multi-City.
  • Nice from the booking flow like From – To.
  • Set departure date and time with easy selection with the calendar.
  • Select with passenger details like Adults and children.
  • Multi-class bookings like Economy, Business, and First class.
  • Filter based on travel stops like not stop and others.
  • Nice result screen for search result page along with Flight Name, Departure Day, date and time, Pricing, and hours of flight.
  • Multi Filter option on search result screen: Like – Custom Sort & Filter, Price, Non-Stop, Departure time (e.g Morning departure).
  • Nice Flight details screen before booking.
  • Easy to get user details.
  • Option to apply coupon codes.
  • Nice navigation to select preferred seats on a flight with flexible time.

Integration: Code is ready to use in integrations

  • Before After Image
  • Google Sign In
  • Wave Widget
  • Signature Pad
  • Liquid Swipe Walkthrough
  • Event Calander
  • Confetti
  • Tinder Card
  • ShowCase View
  • Raised Buttons
  • Flat Buttons
  • Material Buttons
  • Outline Buttons
  • Floating Action Buttons
  • Facebook Reaction Buttons
  • Button with Progress bar
  • Card
  • Location Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker
  • BottomSheet
  • Range Slider
  • Shadermask
  • Like Buttons
  • Liquid to pull refresh
  • Folding Cell in ListView
  • Shimmer
  • Sticky Header in ListView
  • Toast
  • Snackbar
  • Google Map with Clustering
  • Google Map Sliding Panel
  • Razorpay Payment Integration
  • Local Notification
  • Calendar
  • Custom Buttons
  • Pickers
  • Marquee
  • Get Example With Future Builder
  • Post Example
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Monthly Sale Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Transaction Chart
  • Stacked chart
  • File Picker
  • Image Picker

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Please Note: The preview images cannot be used directly in the client’s live project. Those are used only for preview purposes.