A healthy body can give you peace of mind and will help you to feel light and fit. After the pandemic situation, almost every single person is focusing on working on their body, to stay fit. For that, they need to connect with the fitness trainer, and to book the personal fitness trainer they usually check out google a huge amount of people go to the play store or apple store, where a thousand fitness apps are there that help individuals to stay fit. So there are so many different kinds of fitness applications that can help you to get an idea for your next fitness or health business. So, if you are also considering building your fitness app to grow your business then congrats you are on the right track. Though there are so many things that you need to work on to build a great fitness app, if you don’t have any idea about technology or don’t have a good command of coding then it is recommended to connect to a leading mobile app development company.

However, if you have good knowledge of coding and want to develop health apps by yourself then scroll down and collect the all detailed information to build a mobile app, but before initiating the development process we would love to tell you a feature-rich and smoothly running mobile apps increase the chances of getting more engagement with their target audience. So while developing mobile apps, always keep focusing on developing the feature-rich mobile app. Here is the guide to building an ultimate app that will reveal all possible issues of building the fitness app.

Fitness app industry perspectives

As per a report on the Fitness app industry, analysis Insights shows that the market of global health applications is US$ 1.1 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 19.8 percent projected from 2022 to 2032. It is expected that the global market of fitness apps will offer an absolute dollar opportunity of US$ 6.8 Bn between 2022 and 2032.

As the covid entered into life, people started switching to a virtual training platform which directly boosted the engagement of individuals with fitness apps, and eventually, it increased the downloads and subscriptions of fitness applications.

Types of fitness apps

Fitness apps are tech solutions that directly assist users to add exercise to their hectic lifestyle to control eating, keep track of physical activity, and improve their well-being by promoting healthier habits. They not merely tell individuals about the exercise programs but also motivate individuals to cope with eating disorders, to get involved in sports or exercise programs, and of course to improve other aspects of their physical & mental health.

But if you want to build a fitness app then firstly you need to choose a fitness app’ type. There is a list of features you will get with Fitness apps which includes: education on the topic, result tracking, socializing, and motivation to keep going. In other words, it will be like having your own personal coach in your pocket.

Three types of mobile fitness apps:

  • Activity tracking applications
  • Diet and nutrition applications
  • Workout and exercise applications

Activity tracking apps

This kind of app can track the physical activities of users. It will collect the user information such as the hours slept, number of steps taken by the user, distance and speed run, stairs climbed, and calories burned.

The whole data will be shown on the app screen, and this app will be capable of building charts, saving routes on the map, and showing the progress of users.

Diet and nutrition apps

These applications will help the users to monitor their food habits, control water balance, weight, how many calories are taken/burned, and so forth. These apps will allow users to set personal goals, even collect recipes, and create grocery lists.

As they help you to track your nutrition habits, these apps can also be considered activity-tracking apps.

Overall, users install a nutrition app for controlling water and coffee intake, the purpose of sticking to a diet, and tracking calories.

Your diet app should provide detailed stats of users. And of course, a diet and nutrition app should push the users toward their goals.

Workout apps

A workout app provides users with a personal fitness trainer that will train them online. You can take it everywhere & exercise with that fitness trainer wherever you want. Also, you can choose a fitness trainer by name and level of training.

How to create a fitness app: the step-by-step guide

Let us help you to turn your app idea into reality by following these steps...

Select the monetization model

Make your app profitable:

There are so many ways to boost revenue. You can opt among, for your future business:

  • Paid apps. These apps need to be bought by the users and then they can use them. And pricing amount could vary which will depend on the type of app and platform of mobile, and the content you offer.
  • In-app purchases. In case you want to provide a fitness app that is free of cost and at the same time profitable too and you can encourage your potential clients to buy the product in your app.
  • Freemium. Here the basic feature of the app will be totally free for the users but they have to pay for the premium feature set.
  • Ads. You can also shake hands with other fitness-oriented businesses and let them run their ad campaigns in your own fitness application. And for that, you can charge that other business a cost-per-click or a cost-per-mile commission.
  • Sponsored content. This business model also lets you partner with fitness professionals and gyms.

Consider basic fitness app features

To build your fitness app, you should consider the below-written fitness app ideas:

  • User profiles. Let the user create their own profile where they will enter their personal data of themselves such as their height, weight, age, etc. By doing so they don't need to enter the profile details again and they will get the resolution to achieve their personal goals, including healthy eating, losing weight, or even gaining weight.
  • Notifications. The notification feature will work as a reminder for the users so that they always stay motivated to achieve their fitness goals.
  • Track physical activity. This app will track the physical activity of the users through the sensors of smartphones.
  • Social sharing. Users can easily connect with their near and dear, share their results, and can motivate the world and also be happy to tell the world about your app
  • Geolocation. Through this feature, users will get to know how many kilometers they have run, walked, or cycled, by simply looking at a map, which gives them a tremendous boost of motivation as well as satisfaction.

Hire a team of app development

To build a fitness and nutrition app, hiring the app development team is a must especially if you want to turn your business idea into a working solution. At this stage, you can hire developers from different countries who have different hourly rates.

Technical documentation

While creating a fitness application's technical documentation, a technical content writer is a person who tells about the product's technical specifications in written form which is based on the client's requirements.


To create an outstanding designed fitness application, the designing team needs around 2 months.


Testing takes up another chunk of the mobile app development time.

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app?

Though, the cost of developing a fitness app depends on the list of features they want in their fitness app. Because as you increase the list of features the amount will increase gradually. However, if you ask for the average cost then fitness app development costs may fall within the $60,000 — $160,000 price range.


Fitness apps are getting so popular as they are becoming a part of our life, especially for those who want to stay fit and also have busy schedules. So, if you are also working in the healthcare business and want to build an app then it is recommended to connect with the mobile app development company that has developed the fitness app. But still, if you want to build it by yourself then you should have good experience in coding and designing. However, to build a fitness app, we recommend you start such an ambitious project as a fitness app by developing a fitness app MVP. This approach will assist you to save your precious money as well as test out the business idea without spending vast resources & effort.