Ready-Made Multi-Delivery Solution By Getwidget

Gone are the days when there was a different-different mobile app required to order the different-different items, as we need to open a different app to order medicine and to order food products we need to check another mobile app, but a multi-delivery app solution comes to solve this problem and it helped us to order the different products from a single mobile app. Being a top-rated mobile app development company, Getwidget is here with a perfect multi-delivery application solution. To know more about a multi-delivery app solution, just scroll down and keep on reading this blog.

What is a Multi-Delivery App Solution?

Through a multi-delivery app, we are providing a platform in which you can get the delivery services of multiple items such as groceries, flowers, medicines, cake, food items, and many others.

Being a ready-made mobile app services provider, Getwidget is here with a ready-made multi-delivery solution that is created by our professionals after collecting the crucial details for building the multi-delivery app requirements. Though we have created it as per our research still if you want some modification or any kind of changes in the app, then we are here to do so, so that you launch your multi-delivery app in a short time period, and anywhere in the world.

A mobile app plays an incredible as well as crucial role in any on-demand ordering system, especially to enhance engagement with the target audience.

Most of the time, customers want to buy different kinds of items and it would be great for customers if they have a single mobile app to order multiple items at once.

As we all know one of the famous mobile apps named Swiggy switched its food delivery platform to a multi-delivery platform during the pandemic, And now it is delivering medicines and groceries along with food.

And there this decision made a fruitful result so like Swiggy many other ordering brands are switching themselves toward multi-delivery systems and coming up with similar multi-delivery or multi-vendor operations.

Getwidget’s Readymade Multi-Delivery Solution

Getwidget has come up with its multi-delivery solution or app that provides a single platform to sell multi-vendor categories & multi-vendor items. It has come up with multiple features & categories such as:


The multi-delivery app is one of the most highlighted mobile apps as it comes up with lots of features and functions to help the potential customer or target audience to order their needy items from multi-vendors.

Multi-Vendor Customer Application

  • You can log in via Social media such as Facebook, and Instagram, or log in via your phone number or Google account too.
  • The main screen of the multi-vendor app comes up with a number of things such as delivery location, delivery, favorite, category, and takeaway tab.
  • In the section of main categories, you will get multiple subcategories such as grocery, medicine, cake, restaurants, etc.
  • The add-to-cart option is also available.
  • For relevant items, customizable purchase options are also available
  • You can make changes or edit the delivery address
  • Multiple Payment methods
  • Reorder the products
  • Offers & promos
  • Order tracking
  • Cancel the order
  • User management and reviews

As we have added all these required features in our multi-vendor customer apps which makes it a feature-rich mobile app through which customers can order multiple items, or groceries via a single ap

Multi-Vendor Store Owner Application

Well, store owners could be cake stores, grocery stores, bars, restaurant owners, etc. The design of the application will totally depend upon the nature of the business. For your reference, Getwidget has built and provides a ready-made solution for multi-vendor delivery applications- as it is a ready-to-use app so you can use it and enjoy its features and elements which are.

Let’s explore the features:

  • Store management: Here you can manage the store online.
  • Add menu
  • Add categories.
  • Add banners
  • Description of the particular items
  • Add items
  • Add price
  • Order Status: Update the status of the order status
  • Assign a driver
  • Add offers as well as manage offers
  • Availability toggle for the store and items
  • Analytics & reports
  • Earning management

Multi-Vendor Driver Application

The online ordering system will be the same for this multi-vendor driver application, so you will find the same features as there are features provided in the grocery delivery app solution or food delivery app solution. The standard feature list of multi-vendor driver applications is the following:

  • Availability toggle
  • Manage the whole day, and monthly earnings
  • Update delivery status: Delivered or not
  • Payment collection update
  • Job history
  • GPS location

Why Multi-Vendor Delivery App Solution?

Well, before mobile apps entered our lifestyle we had to stand in a long queue to buy our day-to-day products, but mobile apps made our life easy and made the purchasing system easiest, similarly, these multi-vendor delivery app solutions are making our life easy to order the different products from a single app. As we all know, the technology world is getting wider day by day and also getting advanced so Flutter mobile app development industries are. By delivering readymade and customized mobile apps Getwidget is making life easy and expanding the businesses and increasing the revenge of the store owners.

With the help of multi-vendor applications, the restaurant and food sector is gradually growing and for sure it is not going to stop in any way. Zomato, UberEats, and Swiggy like big companies switched their food business to a multi-delivery platform, and doubled their revenue, so you are.

There is no doubt that these big companies have become a great example of using the multi-vendor system and their growth is showing us why multi-vendor systems are good to go with.

There are so many core benefits of using or running a multi-vendor startup that brings in more versatility, more customer base, more sales, more profits, and lastly, more customer retention ratio.


Want to know more about our multi-vendor app? Want a demo? Here you go…

Multi-delivery app solution by Getwidget

Here you can explore the features and elements of this ready-made multi-delivery app solution so that you made a good choice by choosing it for your business.

However, if you have any queries regarding the same or looking for Flutter mobile app development company and want to collect more details then we are here to answer you. To converse about your business, you can book an appointment with our development team too, where you can share about your business and you get the optimum solution for your business. So, just give us a call on our official number given on our site or simply add your query in the comment section, and our support team will revert you as soon as possible.


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